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Do you have phobia…?

Fear of something is normal, anyone can have it. However, if the fear is overwhelming and irrational, then it should be treated accordingly. Phobia is when you fear and anxious too much of something or a certain situation, which may be caused by traumatic experiences or stress.

There are different kinds of phobia that people have. The phobia can a bit strange, such as fear of certain foods, certain color, school phobia, etc.

One of the most effective phobia treatment is the one done by BrightLife.

What about depression?

In Saudi Arabia, the number of educated unemployments are increasing day by day. This has become one of the problems of the government.

According to Al Alam, there wasa a case when a citizen protested about the unemployment rate by burning his diploma certificate and saying that, that was his diploma. After years of being patient and spending a lot of money for education, he finally got it. He then said that he had tried "everything" to get a job, but no results.

There are a lot of cases in Saudi when people are frustrated of not getting a job. Data show that about 12 percent of suicides are caused by unemployment, and some of them have bachelor's degree.

If you have depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other related emotional condition, maybe you can learn from M. Williams. She shared her experience of successfully fighting depression when he was a teenager.Now, he can be free from depression and anxiety, and can live happily as an entertainer. Semua depresi itu hilang karena bantuan para terapis, olahraga, dan berpikir positif.

She was depressed. She had to choose to get out of bed and do what it took to be happy. After her past experiences of depression, she is now more religious than ever. She wants to share with other women to solve this problem.

She suggest that people suffering from depression get closer to God. God will heal everyone. She believed that God has sent people like psychiatrists, hypnotherapist, doctors, and other therapists who can help heal the sick. Some will give you therapy, some will give you beta blockers, some will do NLP, and others.

Thanks to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/uaeincredible/

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